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Hosting the Angels

Hosting angels
Here are the instructions for hosting the Archangels...

It is the angels’ desire to go out and for 5 consecutive days stay and work with three individuals and help them to fulfill three personal wishes. After this, each individual will send the angels on to three new individuals who have said YES to receive them. The angels will stay 5 days then continue onto the new hosts.

The angels always arrive at the new place on the agreed day at 10.30pm and leave 5 days later at 10.30pm. Between each 5 days visit the angels have a rest period of 5 days when they are on their way to the next three hosts. During this 5-day period, the next individuals prepare to receive the angels.

Now we need to give you the official information outlining the details. Keep in mind that by hosting the 5 archangels, (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron), you are assisting them to serve humanity, mother earth and all universes in more direct ways and they thank you for your willingness to participate. The hosting of the Archangels was started in New York in 2010 through someone’s spiritual guidance. It is an honor and a gift to allow your family and home to be imprinted with their LIGHT, but it does ask for your personal participation. 

On the last day of the visit, give the Archangels the names and addresses of the people you find who want to host them next. You will need to send these people the information and the simple ritual below, and specify to them the day of the arrival and departure of the archangels from their home. The time - 10.30pm stays the same no matter the time difference. It is always the local time. With a complete day of 24 hours long, the archangel’s visit is always 5 days, and then they rest for 5 days before coming for another 5 days visit with a new host.

You will welcome and host the Archangels for 5 days after having prepared a little altar with:

1. A white flower

2. A candle that will stay on all the time they are with you. It needs to be on shortly before they arrive to show them they are being called. It is to be left on when you are at home.

3. Put in an envelope a letter with 3 wishes; one for mother earth, one for your family, one for you. Formulate wishes in a clear and concise way. Not too much detail.

4. On the sealed envelope, put an apple that you will eat only after they leave. Lay the envelope near your candle and white flower.

5. The house must be clean and tidy much like you would if you were receiving a guest.

Welcome the 5 archangels. When they arrive in front of your home at 10.30pm you are to open the front door and read this greeting.

"Hello and Welcome Archangels to my home. You were sent to me from (my name). I am very grateful to each of you for purifying and bringing peace to this place and to beings that live in it. I am very grateful to you for bringing Harmony, joy and serenity to all of us. I am very grateful to you for fulfilling my wishes."

From that moment on, the archangels make things happen. It is recommended to regard the 5 days as a special time to give room for the vibration of higher energies to re-align many things. For some this may mean you want to ask questions, or you may only be able to find a quiet moment in your busy day. But remember, there is no limitation, TRUST. You can also ask them to go with you through the day. If you travel during this time, you can arrange it with them to come with you.

When it is almost time for them to leave, write the names of each person and their address who has asked to host them. Next with your candle, burn this paper. This will pass their names into the Etheric for the Archangels to go to next. Send your thanks and love to the archangels for all their help. Once they leave, burn the envelope with your wishes in it and eat your apple. It will contain lots of good nutrients and more for you. Place the flower outside on the earth.

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